Band History

In the Beginning

We started playing back in January 2004, a friend of mine, A friend and I would get together and play. He would play Violin and I would play guitar. In February he purchased a Ukulele and was learning how to play that.

My wife, Cheryl seemed to like the ukulele so one day my friend loaned it to her to play. She liked it so much that she ended up ordering one of her own.

Here is Cheryl with her First Ukulele, a brand new Oscar-Schmidt OU3 Aloha Soprano Uke - 04/09/2004

I was starting to feel left out with my guitar so I bought an inexpensive Baritone Ukulele. I ended up getting it for free due to a shipping glitch. Little did I know this would be the first manifestation of UAS (Ukulele Aquisition Syndrome!!!).

We went to the ukulele stampede later spring of 04. That’s where we saw the Mad Tea Party and Lighnin Wells. Kazoos and funky stuff, I’d never seen anything like it. My head wuz spinnin like a top!!


I got tired of transposing all of the uke songs written for the soprano for my baritone so I ended up with a Concert uke, A Bushman Jenny. Cheryl upgraded to a Bushman Soprano. UAS had hit!!!!EEK!! We continued to play every Friday night. Hey what happened to that Clean cut "guitar player" look? I'm now a full fledged Ukulele Hellion.. UKE ON DUDE!!!!

Cheryl with her Jenny. (No Beard?)

Our first Public Appearance!!

Well on thing lead to the next and we decide to go to Public. First time we played in public it was at an open mic night. I didin't realize it was all Bluegrass. I mean it wasn't advertised as Bluegrass. So when they announed the lineup, the announcer said "We have a Ukulele band tonght." And this wonderful lady behind me says "WHY?" outloud. My band mates didn't hear becasue the sound their knees made while shaking together was too loud. I didn't have the heart to say tell them what I heard.

We followed the State Bluegrass Champions (remember it was our first public performance). The were great!!!Fantastic! Kicked Butt!!. When they were done the crowd kind of nodded and changed positions in their seats (might have been some grunting too). (Oh no!!, I thought) We got up and played and the response was "That's the kind of music my granmomma listened to". I know we were doomed when I heard the response to the kick butt State Champs. So I wasn't too disappointed. But we did it!!!

We continued playing benfits like the Clemete festial, Food Bank and volunteered playing at various Retirment homes. Back then we were playing under the name "The Singapore Slings"

Then in February 2007 we started the "Charelston Hot Shots". We've been having a blast and meeting lots of great folks. Check out the rest of our pics. Here is our first show as the Hot Shots at the Map Room.