Make Dreams Come True at Riverbanks Zoo!


Join us for Riverbanks’ 6th Annual Dreamnight at the Zoo on June 4, 2010.

Live Entertainment from 6- 8

This is a world-wide event (see http://www.dreamnightatthezoo.nl/English/index_EN.htm) that welcomes chronically ill, terminally ill, and disabled children and their families to a fun-filled evening at the zoo that is completely free-of-charge and full of special treats just for them. This year we having a Tropical Zoo-au complete with live luau entertainment, games, a sandy beach and a free picnic buffet.

This event is run completely on donations and volunteerism. We are so grateful to the individuals and organizations that have helped to make Dreamnight a success for years! All donors – of products, talent, and cash contributions – are given recognition at the event and in Riverbanks publications. All donors receive a donation letter for tax purposes. Mahalo! (That’s Hawaiian for Thanks…and we do thank you for your consideration.)

Contact Kim Benson for more info and/or to get involved.

Kim Benson, Director of Human Resources

PO Box 1060, Columbia, SC 29212

803.779.8717 x1118


Some comments from previous Dreamnight volunteers:

“The zoo and all its employees should be commended for doing this event for the kids and families who may not have the ability to come to Riverbanks at any other time due to logistics. As a volunteer diver with an easy job in the fish tank, the real volunteers should be very proud for the hard work they did in entertaining, set up and clean up. My tiny part is much easier b/c I just have to have fun with the fish…and the scuba mask makes it easy to hide the emotion that this night always brings. I hope I can make this an annual event on my calendar because it is a very rewarding time. Thank you for allowing me to help and for doing what you do with the community.”

“Wow, what an evening!!! If possible, I think this was the best ever. The children and their siblings had such a good time. One moment will stay with me forever. A little girl who was around 8 years old with severe disabilities was lifted out of her wheelchair by her dad to see Joy the cow. I took her hand and placed it on Joy's face--Joy turned and gently licked her hand. The smile and light on the little girl’s precious face could have lit up the world. That is what it’s all about.”

“As I watched one family pull their little boy out of his wheelchair and put him in the sand to dig for treasure, I realized that this child had never been to the beach. He was in wide-eyed wonder. I thought, wow – in one night we gave this little guy the zoo and his first visit to the beach. I’m so proud to be part of it.”

“I really wanted to make sure you know how grateful I am for being a part of Dreamnight. It was by far the most amazing thing I have ever been involved in. The looks on the kids faces as they entered the zoo will always stay with me. The children and families who came to our campfire for stories were incredible. When I got home that night I stayed up late telling my husband all about the event and the kids. Now he wants to volunteer next year! Needless to say I think the both of us will look forward to helping with Dreamnight a lot more in the future. Thanks again for letting me participate. I am very proud to be a part of Riverbanks Zoo.”

“What a class act! It is one great thing to keep the zoo open just for these special kids and their families. It’s another thing to include great entertainment, games, dinner…and free massages for the parents. Amazing! We’re proud to be a sponsor of this terrific event. Count us in again for next year.”