Uketoberfest Pics

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We had a great turnout and a big surprise when Mim of Mims Ukes showed up with a truck load of new ukes for us to try out.....

I wanted to give everyone Mims contact info. I was very impressed. Each uke is hand set-up by Mim, action & intonation. My wife and I ended up buying one each. She hosts a Jam the first Saturday of each month at her Charlotte Store.

Mim's Ukes at Aloha Snow



Phone: 704-238-3555

Store location:

Aloha Snow

5716 Wyalong Drive, J

Charlotte, NC 28227


From Mim: Thanks for the support. I am so new and I love for people to know the selection I have. I try to keep "one of everything" in my store so people looking for a good uke have a large selection. When I was buying my first one I did not know where to begin. Your groups are fantastic!!! Let me know about the other event next year! I would love to be there!