Dreamnight Riverbanks Zoo

We had the wonderful opportunity to play at the annual Dreamnight at the beautiful Riverbanks Zoo in Columbia SC. Dreamnight is an international event put on by Zoos throughput the world to allow children with special needs, terminal illnesses and serious illnesses to have a special evening at the zoo. This year it was a tropical Luau and we were invited to come up and play at the Safari camp. There must have been 600-800 people at the peak in the Safari Camp around 7:30pm. We had a bunch of Kazoos we gave out to the kids. We had them come up on stage and form a kazoo band a couple of times. We did Tiger Rag and invited the youngsters to come up and be the Tigers. It was all great fun and the kids and families loved it. A big crowd pleaser was "Dey All Asked About You". We got some of the children's names from their parents and would use them in the song "Brendon Dey all asked about you, Dey all asked about you. The lions asked, the tigers asked and couple of butterflies too" The kids were mesmerized when they heard their name. We had a big singalong with the crowd. While playing "Tiny Bubbles" we had a visit from one of the Marionettes, a dancing dog, the crowd loved it. It was really fun!! We even had a visit from the ballet dance troupe who did a number for the crowd. All told we played around 43 songs that night, whew!!! Special thanks to Kim Benson for making us part of Dreamnight. Thanks Kim!!

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